Playboy themed MMO

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I’m not a MMO player in general but this one seems even stranger than the rest of the them.

Is it really okay to play an MMO that is all about the adult industry along with strippers and naked parties and the like while your life partner is sleeping on the couch next to you or the room next door?

Where does the boundry exist between real life and harmless virtual fun actually sit with games like this?

Even the Playboy site itself seems to be happy to admit that it’s wrong by having the catchline “It’s cool. We won’t tell your girlfriend”.

Which raises the next question, are any females going to be at these nude parties?

Click through below to request a beta key and possibly win a lifetimes subscription to Playboy magazine, luckily I get to do it for research purposes… have you got your excuse primed?

Source: PlayManager

Last Updated: May 11, 2009

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