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I played Herding Dog, and it was everything I expected it to be

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When Geoff gives you the code for a game, points a gun at your face, and asks you to redeem and play it, you do so without question. This has been my life ever since I joined Lazygamer, and I’ve acclimatised quite well I think.

I mean, just look at my history. I survived the mobile horror that was Kim Kardashian Hollywood, that Vita train smash of a title, The Muppets Movie Adventures, and even that one game that somehow, somehow forgot to include cabbages, Farming Simulator 15. I’ve been to hell and back, and I was at the point where I felt that I could tackle any title, no matter what it was.

And then my latest Steam code yielded a game called Herding Dog. I had heard nothing about it before, and I feared the worst. I rushed off to read the premise, which was the following:

You know what they say, it’s a wolf-eat-pig world out there for farmers. Play as a trustworthy farm canine and unlock your inner guard dog as you run, jump and bark to keep your farm safe from predators.

Maybe I’d finally met my match – Herding Dog didn’t sound the least bit enticing. Then again, maybe I was being too judgemental. Herding Dog couldn’t be that bad, could it?

Well, I don’t know so much. You be the judge – here’s a video of me playing it.

Yeah, Herding Dog is pretty horrendous. I subjected myself to that looping piano for around 30 minutes or so before I decided I’d had enough.

Annoying music aside, the gameplay of Herding Dog is really nothing to write home about either. As an adult, I found very little enjoyment with this title. For kids however, well, maybe it’ll be perceived differently.

If you’d like to give Herding Dog a bash, you’re in luck. It’s 25% off at the moment, and will only cost only R26.25.

Last Updated: January 19, 2016

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