Playstation 3 Finally Gets Price Drop – Microsoft Hit Back With Huge Announcement

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Sony have been going on all week about some amazing announcement that they were going to release, and for the first time ever, it didn’t lead up to some boring press release that no one actually cares about. It seems like they were telling tall tales when they said that there would be no price cut, which we posted up yesterday.

However, while all you South Africans were asleep, Sony announced that the Playstation 3 will finally be getting a decent price cut, putting it at just on $249.00 for the 80GB model.

It seems that Microsoft had been anticipating the announcement, and just hours later released a press release of their own stating that not only will the almighty Metal Gear Solid 4 appear on the Xbox 360 later this year, but that it will have additional content exclusively for their console as well.

That’s right, Solid Snake is finally coming to the Xbox 360. More after the jump and some surprising news from Nintendo as well .

Sony and Microsoft weren’t the only companies throwing out huge announcements either.

In an amazing feat of timing and stupendousness, Nintendo called for a press conference so that they could announce that the Wii would be getting an upgrade in September of this year. According to Nintendo Spokesman Yamahonda Toyotasaki, the all new Wii: Too poynt Oh! will be sporting a Blu-Ray player as well as HD graphics, stating that:

“We are just so sick of those whiny casual gamers and have decided to focus largely on the more hardcore gamers so that we too can have our own moronic fanboi’s defending our console with cool slang words and vulgar threats.”

We thought that the string of announcements were over, when all of sudden, three ninja’s with pool noodles interrupted the press conference, demanding that they be heard.

Once they had the audiences attention, they unmasked themselves and were none other than Major Nelson, Oprah Winfrey and some other strange bloke who no-one cares about (Corey Feldman or something).

They announced that they have just purchased Apple, Nokia and Johnson and Johnson, and would soon be releasing their very own console which will, and I quote, “pwnzorize all other trash smelly console peoples and not only have great games, but will give you great skin as well”. They then proceeded to announce a price drop for their console before it’s actual release, and told the press that it would come bundled with FIFA 09 and a bottle of skin cream”.

Ok, my brain is fried, have a great April fools day everyone.

Last Updated: April 1, 2009

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