PlayStation 3 is down 2-to-1 to Nintendo's Wii

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So USA Today has written an article talking about the PS3 vs the Wii in sales.

While the PS3 got off to a slow start and at one stage was outsold 3(Wii):1 in the States it has now clawed back some ground to a more please 2:1.

They expect the PS3 and Xbox 360 each to sell 10 million this year and the Wii to sell 16 million. Which would place the 360 still on top closely followed by the Wii with the PS3 still in third place.

They did have some good forecasts for Sony though as quoted below.

Forthcoming games such as Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (due in September) and Final Fantasy XIII (December) could energize the core gaming audience, Hsu says. “Once you get (them), you can get the mainstream audience from there. That’s the way Sony did it with the PlayStation and PS2.”

But didn’t we just report that Sony may lose the FF exclusivity and all eyes are on MGS now?…. I however can just not see Sony losing MGS4.

Source: PlayStation 3 is down 2-to-1 to Nintendo’s Wii –

Last Updated: March 22, 2007

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