Playstation 4 Pricing Announced

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Sony have finally announced their pricing for the new Playstation 4. How does this compare to the next Xbox pricing revealed by Microsoft?

I can’t help but feel that Sony had the edge in the conference, but they have topped it off with something just a little bit more phenomenal. The Playstation 4 will be launching at $399, a full $100 cheaper than the Xbox One.

WHAT?!?! How is that even possible? Xbox have always had an edge in the price of their consoles, but it appears they just lost it in the next generation. The forced bundle of the kinect must surely be one of the factors contributing to their current recommended price.

After doing some rough calculations and inputting the dollars into my converter, taking into account supposed costs which ramp up the price here in South Africa, I can only guess that the Playstation will hit our shores at a  cost of about R4600-R5600. That is still a little steep, but really not too bad when one remembers that Playstation 3 launched at something crazy like R6500 all those years ago.

Throw in the used games announcement, the benefits of PS+, the vast library of exclusives and so on, Sony really look like they have this next generation in the bag. Microsoft are going to have to rethink their strategy if they wish to be a serious contender in the next console war.

Last Updated: June 11, 2013

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