PlayStation 4 world’s biggest console launch of ever

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Most of you in South Africa will be getting your shiny new PlayStation 4’s early tomorrow, ready to take on the world for the long weekend ahead. Or perhaps you went and bought it early. Either way, you’ve contributed to making the PlayStation 4 the console with the biggest launch in the history of videogames.

That’s what analyst firm DFC intelligence says, anyway. By selling 2.1 million units since launch the PS4 has now celebrated the “world’s biggest console launch.”

Interestingly, Microsoft has just announced that it’s sold through – as in units to customers – 2 million consoles as well, so this generation of consoles as a whole is off to a rocking start. They say that the Xbox One, strangely,is more limited in appeal, suited to “a core demographic.” That’s exactly the opposite of what Microsoft wanted.

DFC, however, doesn’t believe that either of the new systems will join the prestigious ranks of the best selling home consoles; the PlayStation 2, The PlayStation and the Wii. They do, however, think the PS4 will outsell the PS3.

“The initial success of the PlayStation 4 bodes well for its future. The PlayStation 2 and Wii went on to be the best selling console systems ever. DFC Intelligence does not believe that the PlayStation 4 will surpass those systems but reiterates its forecast that the PS4 will be the number one system of this generation,” the firm says.

In the same report, DFC expect the Wii U, optimistically, to only match half the lifetime sales of the Wii. You getting a PS4 tomorrow? Excited?

There are mumblings that this could be the last batch of traditional consoles from platform holders like Microsoft and Sony – but if sales continue to go this way, I very much doubt that.

Last Updated: December 12, 2013

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