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PlayStation 5 pricing and release date probably coming on September 16

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Finally! In what has been the longest game of chicken to date, the next-gen consoles of the 2020s are ready to build up some hype with release dates and pricing information. Microsoft was first out of the gate this generation, revealing that Xbox Series X and its lesser-specced but still next-gen ready sister console the Xbox Series S will arrive with some decent numbers attached to them: R11,999 for the Series X, and R6,999 for the Series S. Not too shabby!

That reveal has put Sony in an awkward spot, as their consoles are focused on the exact same performance but with the option of embracing traditional disc-based media for games or ditching them entirely for an all-digital edition of the PlayStation 5. While the discless (tee-hee) PlayStation 5 will be cheaper than its more regular counterpart, the price difference won’t be that much less considering how cheap those parts have become in recent years.

So when exactly will Sony reveal how much you’ll pay for a PlayStation 5 and when you can grab one? September 16, by the look of things.

According to the PS Blog, this latest PlayStation Showcase event will run for about 40 minutes and features updates on the latest titles from Sony’s Worldwide Studios and their partners. Sony needs to come out swinging for this event, as Microsoft’s Xbox Series X reveal benefits from the focus on choice that Microsoft has laid the groundwork for over several years.

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Sony on the other hand, needs to convince the market that its console is worth the price of admission it’ll charge, as the best case scenario will be that that PlayStation 5 will cost the same as the Xbox Series X. Sony hasn’t sold a PlayStation console at a loss for many a year now, and seeing as how the entire company has become heavily reliant on its gaming division, it’s unlikely that it’s prepared to wade back into those risky waters again.

Microsoft has the financial muscle that can shoulder the Xbox Series line being sold at a loss while ensuring that it builds a dedicated subscriber base through Xbox Live and Xbox Game Pass, which Sony currently cannot compete with. A marketing campaign emphasizing quality shouldn’t be a problem, but it’s one that Sony will have to really push with its market as Microsoft has likely already won the battle on affordability with this new console generation thanks to the Xbox Series S.

Last Updated: September 13, 2020

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