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PlayStation forgets about being classy and hits below the belt

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Remember back when the PlayStation 4 was launched? All those many many days ago, and remember that Microsoft was incredibly classy and congratulated them the best of luck by tweeting the below image to them at the launch?


Well that tweet won Microsoft many fans with the tweet itself being retweeted 23 222 at time of going to press. It’s a nice move to show that even though they are competitors there is a level of respect between them.

Oh wait, did I say between them I meant Microsoft is classy as hell and Sony’s PR  are acting like douche bags and decided to post this to their official Facebook account.


And then a few minutes later they edited that to remove the “next-gen” quote but left the rest and now the entire post has been taken down but not before JunkieMonkeys took the screenshots.

It’s a classless move especially after Microsoft were so respectable to them.

And yes I get it, it was likely some overly hyped PR person and since Sony removed it we can see the entire company doesn’t act like that. But it happened and they should feel bad.

Last Updated: November 22, 2013

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