PlayStation MoveMen – Oh dear God no

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We South Africans are prone to moaning about our lot in the grander, gaming sphere of things. We moan about crappy Internet access, we moan about a lack of Xbox Live, we moan about the price of our games and hardware. Some of this is changing! Some of it, like the pricing, not so much. Here’s one thing, however, we should all pray never takes off in our country: the PlayStation MoveMen.

Directed by Lars Ã…ndheim, the advert coincides with the launch of Sony’s PlayStation Move controllers. Fortunately this terrible ad campaign is limited to Norway – for now. It’s also an internet campaign but let’s hope it remains well within online confines and away from TVs. I can only imagine the horror that would ensue were it to breach the Norwegian borders and infect TVs across Europe. If that were to happen, then there would be no stopping it from spreading across the globe to molest the dignity of gamers everywhere.

Anyway, enough with the dramatics; you can check out the photo-shoot and advert for yourself and laugh at its overt hipness and silly Norwegians running around in black spandex with glowing fish bowls on their heads. And here I was thinking that Kevin Butler had rid us of Sony’s need to advertise their PlayStation products with “out there” campaigns.

Last Updated: September 14, 2010

Miklós Szecsei

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