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Playstation Network Cards – What are They?

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Are you looking for the perfect gift to send to a friend or to request for your birthday? PlayStation Network cards, also called PSN cards, put money on your PlayStation account.

These cards all have monetary values, and they can be purchased in amounts ranging from $10 or $15 all the way up to $75 or $100. A PSN card can be purchased in almost any $5 or $10 denomination (see Reddit), though some stores offer a few pre-selected values to pick from.

How Do You Get a Playstation Gift Card?

PlayStation cards can be purchased online, and once the purchase is made, confirmation will be sent within a minute or two. The confirmation is sent to the purchaser, along with a PSN gift card code. This code can be redeemed by anyone who sees it. So, you can send the code along to a friend or use it on your own account.

Once someone enters the code on the account, that redeems all the money from the PlayStation Store gift card on that same account, giving them money to spend on the PlayStation Store. Multiple PlayStation cards can be sent to the same account or purchased by a single person and sent to multiple friends.

More About PSN…

PSN stands for PlayStation Network, and it is the online service that powers PlayStation games and consoles. On PSN, gamers can play video games, chat with friends, and purchase new content, like full games, DLC (downloadable content), new costumes, and much more. A lot of the content for video games these days is available only online, with only a small portion of it available in retail stores. With a PlayStation card, PSN accountholders can access a huge online shop full of new content that they couldn’t find in physical stores. 

How to Activate a PSN Gift Card?

It’s really easy to activate a gift card once you have it. If you purchase the card for yourself, the code will be sent to you, and you just need to enter the code to redeem its cash value on your account. If someone sends you the code, you go through the same process, and your card’s cash value will be unlocked instantly. Once the code has been activated, it cannot be reused again. If someone else tries to use the same code, a message will pop up saying the code has been used and is now invalid.

Once you have activated PSN codes, the cash remains on your account until you’re ready to use it. There’s no rush to spend it right away. You can have as many cards on your account as you like, building up cash for bigger purchases.

How to Buy PlayStation Gift Cards Online?

PlayStation gift cards can be purchased through the PSN store directly or from third party suppliers, says Gamivo.com. Sometimes you’ll pay less for a third party PlayStation Store gift card. You can also purchase a PlayStation Plus card that provides a specified amount of PlayStation Plus membership ranging from 3 to 12 months and giving access to a whole host of online services and content.

Last Updated: April 25, 2022

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