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PlayStation slogan changed ahead of possible reveal, giving earlier rumours some credibility

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Earlier this week, I spotted a handful of PlayStation 5 rumour sourced from 4Chan, the infamous anonymous board. I didn’t pay them too much attention because well, they’re rumours from 4Chan – and in the run up to a new generation, anything that can’t be verified is probably nonsense. It may have been worth diving into a little. While it may still be a load of hogwash, there’s at least one bit of the supposed “leak” that’s on the money.

One of the items listed in the 4Chan leak said that PlayStation would soon ditch the “It’s for the players” marketing slogan, and instead move towards using “It’s time to play” for the launch of the PlayStation 5. As spotted by  Twitter user @VideoTech_, PlayStation Europe’s official Twitter has now switched to using that slogan. While it’s fairly generic and has been used by the brand before, it’s never really been a major slogan.

With that said, the rest of the now deleted 4chan info dump becomes much more interesting. The leak is large, and while it was deleted from 4Chan, the information was saved for posterity on Reddit. Here’s the interesting stuff:

  • PS5 to be revealed on February 5
  • PS5 will launch worldwide in October 2020. Priced at $499 USD / £449 UK / €449 EU / ¥54,999 JP
  • There’s only one launch model – No “Pro” Model
  • Specs to be almost on par with Xbox Series X (which will be $100 more), and more powerful than Xbox Lockhart (a console that’s $100 less with 4TFlops of compute power compared to the PS5’s 10TFlops)
  • Launch games will include: Gran Turismo 7, Demons’ Souls Remastered, Godfall, Legendz (a new IP from Sony Santa Monica Studios)
  • Games to be teased at rumoured Feb 5 event: Horizon Zero Dawn 2, Marvel’s Spider-Man sequel, new sci-fi IP from Naughty Dog, new IP from SIE Japan, new IP from Sony London Studio, Final Fantasy 16, and a new Resident Evil.
  • Backwards compatibly with all PS4 games is also a big feature. Through a new transferring features, users will easily transfer their PS4 games to the PS5 if those games are downloaded. Save data/backups for PS4 games will also be transferable
  • Backwards compatibility is such a major feature, that games from all 5 PlayStation platforms (PS1, PS2, PSP, PS3 and PS4), will be compatible on PS5, making it an “ultimate PlayStation console”, putting an emphasis on past and present gaming.
  • DualShock 4 controllers, PSVR, and other PS4 accessories will be forwards compatible on the console as well, making it easy for existing PS4 to transition to the PS5 as well

It seems like a bit of a fan wishlist though. One thing that makes the leak stand out as fake is that it keeps suggesting that Sony will reveal more info on the system at E3 – an event that Sony has said they’re skipping for a second year. I guess we’ll know how genuine it is on February 5.

Last Updated: January 21, 2020

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