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Pokémon Black and White gets an official sequel

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Last years Pokémon Black and White was a breath of fresh air for the franchise, as it managed to reinvigorate the franchise with a sense of exploration and grandeur, making the game about capturing new monsters and raising them successfully in order to battle each other.

Naturally, with the core games coming in their usual two flavours, gamers were expecting Nintendo and developer GameFreak to release a summarised version, a Pokémon Gray, much like what they had done previously with titles such as Pokémon Yellow, Emerald and Platinum.

But that’s not the case it seems, as Pokémon is instead getting a full-blown sequel instead, a first for the franchise.

Pokémon Black and White game director Junichi Masuda paid a visit to a kaleidoscopic madhouse of vibrant nightmare fuel, or what some people call a Japanese television show, revealing the sequel that is dated for a June release this year, SiliconEra reported.

While it’s still not a full-on 3D experience that fans have been hoping for, Masuda did confirm that owners of the 3DS and DSi handheld devices will be able to take advantage of extra features, while also teasing viewers with images of two new forms for the legendary beast Kyurem, which will also function as the official mascots of the game.

It is a rather surprising turn of events for the venerable game series, as this is the first true sequel that has ever been made. Personally, I’m hoping that a slew of new creatures will also be available to capture, as not knowing what exactly is lurking in the bushes ahead is what made the games so ridiculously addictive in the first place.

Is it a new pokémon or an escaped serial killer making that rustling sound in the bushes? Who knows, but hey, gotta catch ‘em all!

Last Updated: February 27, 2012

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