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Pokémon Sun and Moon might be coming to the Nintendo Switch

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As long as Pokémon has existed as Nintendo’s biggest cash-Miltank on its handheld consoles, so have fan requests for the Big N to port their pocket monsters franchise on over to a home console. And in a way, Nintendo has done just that. Pokémon Snap, Pokémon Rumble U and Pokémon Stadium are a few examples of this.

But they’re all spin-offs. None of these games have been actual entries in the core franchise that has you exploring a new region and acquiring new friends along the way. It’s something that the staff at developer GameFreak have been adamant about, desiring to keep Pokémon as a portable experience that encourages battling with strangers.

But with the Nintendo Switch around the corner, it might finally be time for Pokémon to step up to the even bigger leagues. That’s the word according to Eurogamer’s reliable sources, who say that the Nintendo Switch will be graced with a proper Pokémon game. Not only that, but the currently code-named Pokémon Stars will follow the series formula of combining the best of both games in a new generation when it lands on that home console next year.

Think Pokémon Platinum, Emerald and Yellow. According to the Eurogamer sources, development has been going on for quite some time as GameFreak worked on parallel version of Pokémon Sun and Moon, pausing only to further polish up that title several months before release. With Sun and Moon out in the wild, it’s all hands on deck for Pokémon Stars.


So what’s the difference then? Higher-resolution models and even more pocket monsters to find for a start. But it might be a while before Pokémon Stars is ready for launch, as the report detailed:

It may be some time before Stars releases, however. We heard the game was initially a summer 2017 launch for Nintendo Switch, but has since been pushed back to later in the year.

Anyway, that’s a perfect pairing. You have a new console that wants to sell itself as a mobile heavyweight, a hungry fandom who have been waiting twenty years for Pokémon to make the home console jump and a new entry in the franchise that has been geared towards embracing a younger generation again for the next pair of decades in the Pokémon universe.

And that’s how you get a license to print money.

Last Updated: November 21, 2016


  1. Hans Olo

    November 21, 2016 at 13:27

    Another Pokemon, Another Mario, Another Zelda, Another Mario Kart, Another……. See the pattern?
    Although I do not disagree with their games I Strongly disagree with Nintendo’s consoles power of late. Here is my point NINTENDO WANTS TO BECOME A PUBLISHER! Here is why…. Xbox has their Halo etc, Sony has their Uncharted, and both systems are powerful to run third parties.Enter Nintendo…..under-powered system and rules and regulations that turn off third parties. This is where some Fanboy will say”youre an idiot did you see Skyrim on Switch?” My answer, “yes I saw an old game running on a system with sub par specs compared to current gen. In my strong opinion, Nintendo should become a publisher, focus on Sony/Ms and mobile gaming. Or if they want to take advice, maybe sell their system at a loss and make up on it with their software. They always brag on their software and stellar games, put your money where your mouth is Nintendo, Create a super powerful system to attract third parties, ease up on your regulations and your stupid Youtube banning and people may take you seriously again.
    And to fanboys The Wii U was my last Nintendo system, I have owned them all, and quite frankly Im done. My kids are done with Nintendo, we got rid of the Wii U so they could trade it in for PS4 and Xbox One games……their choice.

    And again to the fanboys that attack every comment I make on my opinion of the Nintendo systems power, please stop! Heres why, you constantly tell me that “Nintendo games are great and their games focus on gameplay not graphics” This would be true if there was no competition on the market. But again, Sony and MS both have stronger systems that attract……………….THIRD PARTIES.
    They sell their system at a loss. Nintendo can keep marching to the beat of their own drum and they will end up walking in a parade that no one will attend.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Cod Gob

      November 21, 2016 at 13:44

      First, you know it’s underpowered how exactly?
      Second, you just correctly said that Sony and Microsoft both have systems that attract 3rd party and that is their main selling point. So why would Nintendo try to muscle their way into that market that is already dominated by 2 heavyweights? Their own selling point is providing experiences your can’t find anywhere else, and a large part of that is their 1st party line-up. Prime example: DS and 3DS. Sold an absurd about because of the experience provided and the exclusive…EXCLUSIVE…games you can’t get anywhere else.
      Complain about lack of power and 3rd party all you want, but Nintendo is not about that and have always said they are not about power. That is not a fault of theirs, its a business decision which means their are not marketing toward people like you that are so focused on power. They are marketed toward either people who love Nintendo IPs, enjoy their innovation, or people like me who already have a powerful game machine (PC) and want the amazing 1st and 2nd party games they provide.
      If they price the switch well, it could potentially be affordable to people to have their wanna-be PC consoles AND a Switch at the same time, which could mean them selling more than PS and Xbox as their market will be larger with far less competition
      Business sense 101: better to own an entire market to yourself than butt into an already long establish rivalry between titans


      • Hans Olo

        November 21, 2016 at 14:40

        And here is the First Fanboy……….lets break it down, we know its a Tegra chip right? end of discussion on power vs the competition. Havent you seen the news on Nvidia? They confirmed its a custom Tegra chip! So you ask why would Nintendo muscle their way into a market dominated? Well you answered your pathetic question, which is Nintendo allowed them to muscle their way and continues to do it. I would rather have a realistic Zelda then the 2003 Cell shaded BS and remember E3 years ago with the promised realistic Zelda? I do and Nintendo ripped me off with their false hopes, over hype and broken promises.
        You say I can complain about lack of third party al I want, OK I will, they have and always will have weak third party and and their 13 million consoles of WII U in 4 years is pathetic. Well make that 12,999,999 because I traded mine in. Basically you summed it up in your post, you wrote Nintendo is not about power or third parties………..so why would I give a squirt of piss for the above aforementioned?

        You say business sense 101, better to own an entire market to yourself? Um Doesn’t Sony already own that market and Sony? No one wants to buy the switch for a portable (stupid ones) we want a home console with a decent controller.


        Edit: Before more worthless Fanboys attack me for your BS Nintendo comments I have owned all systems, and I keep returning the Nintendo systems. Dont be upset with me because I am done with it, statistics prove I am not the only P*SSED off Nintendo customer, look at the sales in WII U worldwide and this will prove I am not the only Angry Nintendo customer.


        • Cod Gob

          November 21, 2016 at 14:58

          “Fan boy” is a meaningless description of someone who is a fan of something, intended to be derogatory while simply being a statement pointing out the obvious. Well done
          Anyway, what version of the tegra chip are they using? Mind linking an article to its specs? You don’t have one? Yeah of course you don’t, because, as you said, all that’s been said is that its a custom chip, meaning no one aside from Nvidia and Nintendo have a clue how powerful it is. So you just discredited your own statement in one sentence
          That’s not what I asked. I asked why would Nintendo muscle themselves into a rivalry between titans when they can have a much bigger market to themselves?
          They have plenty of third party, just not on home consoles (DS and 3DS. shows that so long as a console sells, 3rd party will come in stampedes). And like I said, YOU have no reason to care about their products because your a power whore. Those of us who simply love games for being games may be more interested, however, as will those of us that have very good uses for playing games on the go. But people like you are so closed minded that you can’t see the benefits
          No Sony does not own any market to themselves, because they are now In the business of power which is shared with Microsoft and PC developers. Name a competition Nintendo would have for playing AAA experiences wherever you want. Good luck
          And who’s “we”? You mean “you”? Then you should be happy, because you already have the choice between PS4 and Xbox and PC, you moron. Your desire to make all game consoles do the exact same thing would kill the creativity of this creative industry


          • Hans Olo

            November 21, 2016 at 18:15

            Here is the Article per your request DIRECTLY FROM NVIDIA’s Blog on their site: https://blogs.nvidia.com/blog/2016/10/20/nintendo-switch/

            Nvidia Shield is cheaper than the NX, don’t know why Nintendo didnt scrap the handheld and come in with a cheaper console only and eliminate the Hybrid.

          • Cod Gob

            November 21, 2016 at 18:42

            After calling me a, and I quote, “F*CKING FANBOY”, I don’ think you’re in any position to try and discredit my argument by such a cheap tactic as calling me angry
            The price for NX has not yet been revealed. and because people like you would also complain about the lack of power anyway
            PS, that was the cheesiest insult I’ve ever heard, please for the sake of your own reputation don’t repeat that anywhere else

          • Hans Olo

            November 21, 2016 at 19:57

            It has been revealed, I had to post the link to the NVIDIA blog stating thats its Using the confirmed Tegra chip, when you called me out on the Tegra chip.
            Look I know you like Nintendo, but don’t ask the questions if you don’t like the answers.
            We can pick up this conversation when you grow some pubes and go through puberty.

          • Cod Gob

            November 21, 2016 at 22:44

            Once again, that’s not what I asked. I asked you to show me the specs of the tegra chip they are using
            And to clarify, I like Nintendo, Playstation, PC and Xbox (though there has been very little from Sony and Micro that have appealed to me thus gen). What I don’t like is when people like you ignorantly encourage the dilution of the creativity in this industry by saying all companies should be the same
            Coming from someone who made a dick joke in the middle of this conversation…

          • Hans Olo

            November 22, 2016 at 00:40

            You keep bringing it up(my dick), Kylo Ren did it, kept fiddling with his light saber, now he looks like an Ugly woman.

            As far as the specs they are on the Nvidia website itself, it depicts all of their processors, seriously google their processors, you will find the horsepower of the Tegra, Pascual etc etc.

          • Cod Gob

            November 22, 2016 at 00:42

            And not of the custom Tegra they are using for Switch. Hence why it is called “custom”. As in customized…for Nintendo…which means different specs

          • Hans Olo

            November 22, 2016 at 01:21

            Sites claim it to be a Tegra, as in not pascual, either a Tegra K1 because they just started making the pacual and since Nintendo went into mfg, they are not using it, so a customized older chip, meaning Tegra K1 or older. If it makes you happy to think it will be SUPER powerful run with it, standing in a garage doesnt make you a mechanic no more than going to church makes you a christian. Im not getting this dont know why you keep defending Nintendo, seems you like getting ripped off, , probably one of those paid Nintendo posters, like Hillary Clinton used during the election that Wikileaks caught.

          • Cod Gob

            November 22, 2016 at 13:22

            And again you are making up the “older” part to suit your own narrative on flimsy logic, and conveniently ignoring the “X2” rumours.
            And since you appear to have missed the whole point of what I’ve been saying, I do not…I repeat…do not care about power when it comes to Nintendo, as we already have the choice between two other consoles and PC. I care about their games and the quality of the their console. In killing time arguing with you, I am pointing out how little we know about its power or anything else about its specs, despite what you keep claiming. We know nothing, so calling it underpowered at this point is disingenuous and biased.
            I’m not defending Nintendo because they are Nintendo, I am pointing out your mistakes because you are mistaken. I’m a gamer first and foremost, whichever company happens to provide the good games and console concepts, I will buy. People like you provide false info with the intention of only splitting gamers into categories
            Either way, I pity you. You’ll go ahead and buy out of company loyalty rather than game quality and miss out on incredible experiences as a result of you stubbornness. I’ll enjoy my PC when I feel like power gaming, switch when I wanna play Nintendo games, and maybe a PS4 or Xbox 1 if they start releasing exclusives that interest me

          • Hans Olo

            November 22, 2016 at 13:46

            They turned you out of your cage again or what?
            I think you better look at the goat video I posted on this thread, I think It may clarify whats going on with Doritos, Mountain Dew and Nintendo!

          • Cod Gob

            November 22, 2016 at 14:27

            Nice talking to you too

          • Hans Olo

            November 21, 2016 at 18:17

            Ill fold it in half and still be 6 inches longer than you…………..Chewie even thinks so 🙂
            But his is crooked from screwing around corners…..

            I like this guys take on the Nintendo Switch:

          • Cod Gob

            November 21, 2016 at 18:42

            If you can fold in half so easy, maybe you should get it checked out

          • Hans Olo

            November 21, 2016 at 19:55

            Why would you want to see it? Are you telling me you want to see it?…comments are one thing, but asking to see my junk is another, are you from San Francisco?

          • Cod Gob

            November 21, 2016 at 22:41

            Not particularly, thanks

  2. Hans Olo

    November 22, 2016 at 01:47

    Ya Betta not snitch on a playa ! : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1cW86JjWcao


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