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Pokémon X and Y – Mega Evolution and Super Training Revealed

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Pokémon training has been a simple rind for the last decade or two. Get our pocket monster, give it a cute name, fight dozens of other Pokémon and you’ll wind up with one lean and mean fighting machine. But that’s all about to change in Pokémon X and Y, as the pocket monsters are about to go OVER 9000!

The first of these big new changes, is called Mega Evolution. Only certain Pokémon are capable of learning this new technique, which can only be activated in battle. Pokemon such as Lucario and Mewtwo can evolve into more powerful forms, provided that they’re holding a Mega Stone that is unique to them. For Lucario, that stone happens to be Lucarrionite.

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There’ll also be several unique Mega Pokémon, such as a Mega Blaziken, who will only be around for very short distribution events held when the game launches. During that event, players can grab a Torchic which comes with a Blazikenite Mega Stone. Level up that Torchic the old fashioned way into Combusken and then Blaziken, and you’ll be able to use that special Mega Evolution.

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A few hours ago saw more Pokemon confirmed for the super-boost. Ampharos, Absol and Mawile will also be able to mega-evolve. They’ll be able to rev it up when they evolve into their new forms, with Ampharos in particular transforming into an Electric/Dragon hybrid.

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You’ll be able to learn more about Mega Evolutions from the Shalour City gym leader, Korrina. She’ll be the gym leader who happens to know the secret behind this new battle technique.

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Along with Mega Evolutions, players also get a chance to hone their Pokémon with Super-Training. Here’s how it works, according to PokemonXY.com:

Super Training or S.T. is being introduced in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y, allowing players to help their Pokémon grow stronger when they’re not in battle. On the Touch Screen of the Nintendo 3DS system, players can have their Pokémon participate in Super Training, activities that will increase a Pokémon’s base stats, the underlying values that define its HP, Attack, Defense, Sp. Atk, Sp. Def, and Speed stats.

One Super Training activity involves having Pokémon train by facing huge Pokémon-shaped Balloon Bots in a virtual space, with both sides trying to shoot balls into the opponent’s goal. Using the Circle Pad and Touch Screen to avoid shots from the Balloon Bots while landing their own in the goal, players will enjoy this action-packed feature while increasing their Pokémon’s base stats to help them become stronger for battle.

For a more casual way to help Pokémon strengthen their base stats, Core Training lets players set up training bags, earned by completing Super-Training Regimens, for Pokémon in their party to use. Pokémon will work on Core Training by themselves, raising their stats on their own. By tapping on the Touch Screen during a Core Training session, players can help their Pokémon increase their base stats, too. Players will be able to see how their Pokémon are doing at their Core Training at any time from the main Super Training screen.

And to top things off, here’s a few new Pokémon that have been announced for the Coldplay generation of monster battling. They’re called Dedenne, Skiddo and Bunnelby.

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Pokemon X and Y is out on October. If you’re still slobbering for more content, then enjoy the following two videos below showing off these transformations.

Last Updated: August 12, 2013

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