Pokémon X and Y’s overworld won’t be in 3D

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The Nintendo 3DS is pretty much the one console where graphics take a backseat to gameplay. That being said, Pokémon X and Y looks like it’s just going to pop off the little screen when it launches. Pity that 3D has a few limitations.

Have a look at the latest Pokémon X and Y TV spot, and you might notice a little bit of fine print tucked away nicely. Here’s a  screenshot from NeoGAF demonstrating this:

fine print

And as one NeoGAFfer who had hands-on time with the game can testify to, only Pokemon battles will feature a 3D aspect to battling. And even that has an issue:

Sorry to burst your bubble but I played the demo and can confirm 100% 3D is only used in battles, not the overworld. I’d like to add 3D causes framedrops if you use moves with a lot of effects, no problems in 2D though.

I like my 3D the way I like my adherence to the speed limit: Optional. And while most folks will most likely play the game in 2D anyway, I’d still like to flick the 3D just to see how the game handles in an extra dimension.

Still, this should make sales of the new Nintendo 2DS that little bit easier.

Last Updated: September 18, 2013

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