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Police Quest creator is back with another police adventure game

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Precinct 1

Remember Police Quest? From back in the day when games were still meant to be games, challenge players and wasn’t meant to drain your wallets dry. The man who created the series, Jim Walls is back. This time with Precinct, a police adventure game with high speed car chases and everything!

In Precinct players will take on the role of Officer Maxwell Jones in the crime-infested town of FraserCanyon, CA. Maxwell starts off as a rookie, players will move him up in the ranks while conducting real police procedures while solving crimes.

The game’s story, written by Walls himself, along with some bright Hollywood talent will feature a story based on true accounts of real life police cases. Players will play in the first-person perspective in 3D environments, solving puzzles and encountering shootouts, high speed car chases, foot pursuits and hand-to-hand combat.

The gameplay in the video shows off a great looking scene in the dark streets of FraserCanyon, with those classic neon lights added. You can tell from the interface that you’ll experience enhanced gameplay similar to the original Police Quest games, adapted to the modern video game era.

Precinct is planned to be an episodic series, released as a digital download for PC and Mac. Check out the kickstarter page, the campaign was launched today and has a goal of $500 000.

Last Updated: July 16, 2013

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