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Pong and Ikaruga have lovechild; Pong-Karuga Born.

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GoS-CPT-Stewart, a student at Full Sail was tasked with creating a Pong clone for his Videogame programming class. The only requisites being that the game must have AI, and allow the player to save. Instead of dishing out a simple clone, he’s gone and infused gameplay elements from seminal shoot ‘em up Ikaruga – and created what is possibly the best idea for a Pong game.

More details – including a link to download the game – after the jump!

It’s Pong – but like Ikaruga there’s the effect of polarity – the ball will change colour between black and white when it hits one of the like-coloured ships, making it necessary for you to change the colour of your paddle to prevent your AI opponent from winning.

A brilliant idea albeit somewhat poorly executed, the game is quite simple (How could it not be? it’s Pong!) but also wildly addictive.

You can download the game from Odd Man Out Studios

Source : Kotaku

Last Updated: February 11, 2009

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