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Poor UK PS3 sales bring out the discounts

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So after the launch hype has now died down and everyone has gotten over that 82% drop in sales it is now time to take another look at how the PS3 sales are doing.

Well in SA they seem to still be doing well as most of the stores I have been to have been sold out or have only a few left. Makro was sold out over the weekend (although I did notice they had no games either?).

Now tech.co.uk is reporting on some very nice discounts being given out by UK stores.

Play.com is now offering the Sony PlayStation 3 console with 60GB hard disc along with a free HDMI cable and the movie Click on Blu-ray Disc (BD) for just £399.

Play.com is not the only one offering the discounts, WH Smith started this ball rolling, but Play.com is offering £26 off plus a HDMI worth what £10 and then a free Blu-Ray worth what £15 to make a total of £51 discount.

Source: Technology news – Tech.co.uk | Poor PS3 sales reduce retailers to discounts

Last Updated: April 11, 2007

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