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Popular gamer slain by muslim fundamentalists

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I have very strong opinions about religion and politics but I generally do my very best to keep them away from Lazygamer.net as there are more than enough places to vent those opinions and this is our safe place.

However today those two things have invaded the gaming community in a vile and contemptuous way and I can’t not say anything so I’ll make this quick.

Sean Smith (aka Vile Rat) was an American diplomat working in Libya but more importantly he was one of the leading players in the MMO title Eve Online where he was well respected and generally liked for his online interactions and ingame diplomacy.

Then during an online chat on Tuesday night these were his last two statements

(2:40:22 PM) vile_rat: FUCK
(2:40:24 PM) vile_rat: gunfire

You see a small group of muslim extremists had decided that since someone in America or Israel (I’m reading conflicting reports) was making a movie that depicted their god in a bad light they would break into the American embassy, torch the place and kill everyone they can find.

You know to show the love and care that the muslim faith has for everyone.

They killed Sean Smith. Sean didn’t make the movie, Sean wasn’t even linked to the movie but yet he is now dead and his family has lost a husband and a father while the gaming community has lost a leader. All because a group of people felt the need to defend the honour of their personal belief system.

It’s disgusting and the only thing more vile is the stunning lack of condemnation from the governments and leaders of the muslim nations.

And before any other religion gets high and mighty here, I have the same base feelings about all the atrocities your god has caused as well. Let me be clear, I don’t care what religion you are or are not and I don’t judge you on that. I judge you on your actions and the actions of the community you publicly side with unless you personally state differently.

Happy Thursday, the world is worse off for what has happened.

Last Updated: September 13, 2012

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