Prepare for battle in Diablo 3:Ultimate Evil Edition

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One of the most surprising experiences for me in terms of gaming recently, has to be Diablo 3 on console. I sat down a couple months back to play it for the first time on Xbox 360. And it was good. It was damn good. PC gamers have had a chance to play the latest expansion of that game for a while now, and you can bet that I’m eager for the PS4 version. Here’s a trailer to get you pumped up.

The trailer above also showcases the new Crusader class. He’s heavy, built like a horrible mother-in-law and can deal almost as much damage. The Ultimate Evil Edition isn’t exclusive to PlayStation 4 by the way.

It’ll be out on PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360 on August 19 as well, and will take players from the start of Diablo 3 all the way through the latest Reaper of Souls act. The game has a bunch of other additions, such as new monsters, catch-up co-op for weaker players, new lore and the chance to send killer monsters to your friends.

I rather like that. I’m enough of a jerk to spend hours upon hours grinding my way into Nephalem godhood, just so that I can allow a monster to slay me and become a bane for Gavin when he starts the game. Who else wants to be my friend then?

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Last Updated: May 20, 2014

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