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Prepare for Game Journalism Simulator

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Since Goat Simulator appeared and won everyone’s hearts, the simulator market has been flooded with bizarre simulator games including Rock and Grass simulator. Free Lives has even named Broforce Freedom Simulator. Where do you go from here? Even more meta with Game Journalism Simulator.

Prompted by the silliness and starting as a joke on Facebook, Jason Evangelho has decided to make a game. Not just any game, but a game based on simulating his own experiences as a video game journalist. At the moment, the game appears to be very early in development, with the first dev blog basically just saying that he’s pursuing a longtime dream of making a game instead of just critiquing them. You can get involved if you’re interested – he’s taking suggestions and comments on the game’s Facebook page.

It feels a bit funny writing about this, sort of like Game Journalism Simulator-ception. I’m not quite sure where the simulator concept can go from here. What next, banning the Oscar Pistorius simulator because it’s prejudicial?

Or how about White Knight Simulator where you can travel the strange land of the internet “empowering women” by implying that you need to defend them? Maybe we can create Joburg simulator where you fight traffic and eventually freeze to death, but not before completing key mini-games where you complain about e-Tolls and learn to correctly pronounce “pizza”.

What awesome new Simulator ideas would you like to see? Sandy wants to make games, maybe he can jump on this bandwagon and we can all get rich and famous as a result.

Last Updated: July 10, 2014

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