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Prince of Persia is being revived as a VR escape room (and it’ll be at Sun City)

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If I could turn back time to a point where Prince of Persia was allowed to rest in peace…if I could find a way.


It should be said that in the video game industry there is seldom such a thing as leaving the dead to rest in peace. Dredging up old IP’s and characters, throwing them into new games that just feel a little too corporate and stale… it’s somewhat of a trend. Lord knows he should have been left in Hell, but even Bubsy has been getting new games despite only being known for his astoundingly terrible movement. Such is the case with The Prince, the titular character of The Prince of Persia franchise who went out on a bit of a low note but overall boasted an excellent collection of games, especially in the PS2 era. Now, Ubisoft is planning on evoking those same time-twisting shenanigans as they revive the Prince of Persia…but not as a traditional video game.


Prince of Persia will be back with a VR escape room experience. The “experience” will task a team of players with reaching the mystical Hourglass Chamber in the Fortress of Time. As usual with PoP, there’s some kind of evil magi running amok and he’s summoning up an army of sand monsters players will need to destroy. Teams will require two, three or four players to traverse the temple’s various towers while also solving puzzles to help your friends venture deeper into the fortress. You’ll be able to use the Dagger of Time, returning once again to the franchise, to fast-forward, pause and slow down time to better explore the environments. Also, climbing. I can only imagine there’ll be plenty of climbing.


This isn’t Ubisoft’s first venture into the escape room market. Developed by Ubisoft Düsseldorf, the team designing this latest game also designed Assassin’s Creed escape rooms, Beyond Medusa’s Gate and Escape the Lost Pyramid. I’ve never actually tried an escape room before but I imagine it could be a good amount of fun with the right friends. You can check out the 300 different locations for this escape room over on the game’s official site, with the closest one to you probably being in Sun City. Maybe if this takes off we might see another mainline entry in the Prince of Persia franchise? Probably not, but I’ll believe in whatever dreams I can at this point.

Last Updated: February 13, 2020

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