Project CARS lets you skip the grind

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Project cars cockpit

I don’t generally like driving games. Sometimes they’re beautiful, and they might add some cool elements, but they just don’t grab me. My worst part is that before I can even play the game, I need to prove that I know how to drive a virtual crappy car so that I can get the cars I actually want to drive. Project CARS gives you everything you want, even in career mode.

Here is the Project CARS video showing off the Career Mode:

And here’s a non-YouTube link for those who need it.

I really like this approach to the career mode. If all you want is the vroom vroom of GT, you can skip straight to that. If, however, you actually like working your way up through the ranks, there’s a special achievement just for you. It allows for a much broader range of play styles – not everyone wants to play the same kind of racing modes and this feature will let players get their favorite vroom vroom action without the usual driving grind.

Project CARS is shaping up to the be the best driving experience that you can get. By including solo gameplay, as well as social or competitive elements, people can enjoy the thrill of the open road all on their own, or with friends. Sounds like what DriveClub was supposed to be but never was.

Is this your kind of game? Are you anxiously awaiting launch day, or is it all just vroom vroom to you?

Last Updated: February 20, 2015

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