Project Natal coming in November… 2010

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Microsoft have already stated that the Project Natal launch is going to be treated like a new console launch all of its own. We are going to get the parties, the media frenzy and the hype and it’s all going to end in November 2010 according to some new rumours floating around.

But what’s even better is that Project Natal is also going to release with 14 launch titles and they are aiming at keeping it under R900 with some sources stating that they are going for an under R500 price tag.

Microsoft want to position it as an impulse buy and while that to me means something under R100 I wouldn’t have a bad thing to say if it came in under R500.

Most of the 14 games are going to be first party titles and it is not anticipated that Milo will be one of them. In my opinion we are going to be looking at 12 mini game compilations and 2 real games on launch and that’s actually fine with me.

My kids don’t want any Xbox games as they love the mini-games and the Microsoft machine just doesn’t cater for that at the moment, it’s a very big market they are missing out on.

Source: MCVUK

Last Updated: November 12, 2009

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