Project Natal isn't going after Wii's market

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Shane Kim has been chatting to Kotaku at E3 about how important Project Natal is going to be for Microsoft when it launches. Instead of it being a simple peripheral launch Microsoft are going to treat this launch as they would the launch of a new console.

We are going to be assaulted from all advertising venues and can expect the launch parties and mass media saturation that follows a console launch.

However that isn’t the part of the interview that really intrigued me, what got me is that Shane stated that tehy are not actually targetting the casual gamers or the large PS2 fanbase. They are going after the 60% of people who don’t play games at all.

They feel that this group of people see any sort of controller as being a barrier to entry and as such they have just thrown away the controller.

What this does mean is that we can’t really expect much to come out of Project Natal for the hardcore gamer in the near future. However we have no idea what sort of games these 60% of people will enjoy so we may be treated to something completely groundbreaking.

Source: Kotaku

Last Updated: June 12, 2009

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