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Project Offset Images

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Okay so maybe I am becoming a bit addicted to these viral sites whats your point!!!..

A new one has popped up for Project Offset which is a team based FPS set in a fantasy universe… What is even cooler is that huge crocodile thingy in the picture has a saddle on it… Click on the image to get the full beauty of it….

Oh and the rumour is that the website is counting unique IP’s and when it gets to a certain number it will show us some more pictures. Currently there are 2 so if you see more when you click through leave me a comment please!!…

What you waiting for click the link below…..

Link to Offset – a storm is coming…

So how many did you see? The little blue bar is not even half way at the time of writing this….

Last Updated: April 25, 2007

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