Project Wight flips the script and lets you fight Vikings as a monster

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Project Wight header

It’s pretty common in gaming today to get gamers to take up the mantle of a stereotypical hero or heroine, whose end goal usually involves something along the lines of ridding the world of evil. That journey tends to entail the murder of hundreds, if not thousands of enemies.

What if the script were to be flipped though? What if, instead of fulfilling that role of the hero, we go to the other end of the spectrum, and take control of a traditional baddie, such as a monster?

This is essentially the premise behind Project Wight, an upcoming game set in an alternate history of the early Viking era, that’s being developed by a studio called The Outsiders. In it, players will take control of a creature whose kind has been pushed to near extinction at the hands of humans (via Destructoid).

In the teaser, we are introduced to a young creature.  It’s small and weak, and has no real way to deal with the humans it has just seen beating the hell out of its father’s corpse. The poor thing is spotted, and it’s forced to run away.

Fast forward a period of time however, and our once little creature is now a lot bigger, stronger, and capable of dealing some real hurt to its enemies. It throws a human off a cliff, and proceeds to glide into an enemy camp where it hands out even more sweet revenge.

The teaser ends right there, but I’ve seen more than enough to know that I’m interested. I get a strong Dark Messiah of Might and Magic vibe from Project Wight (probably thanks to the first person perspective), which makes me very, very happy.

I’m keen to find out more about it, but details are scarce at the moment. I’m sure The Outsiders will shed more light on their project in the coming weeks and months. Thus far, I think they’re on the right track to something rather special.

Last Updated: November 3, 2016