Prototype 2 Official Film, the power of revenge

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Seeing as it’s officially Prototype 2 week here at Lazygamer we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to show you this unbelievably awesome official short film for the upcoming Prototype 2.

But first, let us all take a moment to marvel at the awesome Prototype 2 wallpaper and banner art that’s just so pretty.. and also pays our bills.

Oh and if you click on the banners you go to an official Prototype 2 pre-order page with some awesome bundles.

Okay we’re done paying the bills lets get back to the gaming entertainment.

In this short film we’re shown a short snippet of the story we are going to experience at the end of this week, it’s all about love, power, violence and revenge.

The music reminds me of Gears of War and the desolate wasteland and infected humans reminds me a bit of The Walking Dead.

All in all it’s a pretty impressive piece of marketing, let us know your thoughts.

Last Updated: April 17, 2012

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