Prototype coming back in full force – Trailer looks amazing

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You may remember that last year there was quite a lot of talk about a game called “Prototype”, which involved some crazy hoodie-wearing bloke who could change into different things and different people. Kind of like GTA mixed together with the Hulk and some Crackdown (or just plain crack).

The game was supposed to come out last year, but was first knocked with the announcement that there would no longer be multiplayer, and then knocked again when it was delayed and the possibility of it’s cancellation started coming to light.

More info and some juicy gameplay footage after the jump.

This latest trailer that has come from G4TV shows that Prototype is back and looking bad-ass. I am so impressed with this trailer as well as the gameplay footage that I even feel less concerned about whether or not a Crackdown 2 is on it’s way, although the inability to share the carnage of Prototype with some friends will really make me sad. Last year when the lack of multiplayer was announced, a lot of people came straight out in comments boards and said that they are no longer interested in the game, so if we are very lucky, the developers have taken note and may actually put it back in.

Check out the video, this game is looking absolutely incredible.

[Ed] It’s also nice to see that Activision haven’t gone completely evil and are still willing to try a new IP, lets try support them on this one like we should have supported EA.

Last Updated: January 9, 2009

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