Prototype getting a remaster?

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Prototype 2

Back when Prototype released, it was seen in comparison to inFamous. I got into Prototype and laughed at those dumb inFamous fans. Obviously, I picked the wrong franchise considering the longevity of Sucker Punch’s franchise. But maybe, just maybe, Prototype will make me happy – it looks like it might be getting a remaster, and we all know what that means…

Over on Exophase (thanks PSU), the PS4 trophies for Prototype 2 have popped up. These normally only appear if someone has actually been playing the game. It’s still just a rumor, but my interest is piqued. I have reached out to our local Activision contact person and will let you know if we receive any confirmation.

I know Prototype wasn’t the best game ever. The story was ridiculously weak and the characters were horribly developed. But, I absolutely adored playing it. To run around New York City as a crazy overpowered mutant was far too much fun. Plus, the weird DNA memory scanning thing was actually a ton of fun. It had so many cool elements, even if they didn’t all come together into a perfect game – I still got more hours out of it than I should admit. It was my perfect “come home from work and kill all the things” game.

It’s not that I’m that excited for a remaster of the game. Rather, I love the implications of it. If games in a franchise get remastered, there’s the hope that the franchise is getting put to use again. Could we see a new Prototype game on new consoles in the future? Now that would be all kinds of awesome.

Oh, and here’s our review of Prototype 2 from back in the day so you can see just how cool it was.

Last Updated: June 23, 2015

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