Prototype on PS3 has Installation Bug, Requires Silly Work-Around

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PrototypePS3 Lazygamer’s favourite source of PS3 rancor – The mandatory install – has reared its ugly head again, this time exacerbated by a bug that prevents it from happening. The game in question, Prototype (Which will be available locally tomorrow) is afflicted by a nasty flaw – similar to the one that affected Ratchet and Clank -  that can prevent users from making the necessary installation required to play.

I know the game’s called Prototype, but it’s a little ridiculous that it actually is one.

For a fix, hit the jump!

Should your PS3 brazenly lie to you when you try and install the game, telling you that you have insufficient free space there are a number of work-arounds.
The first, as suggested by Activision, is to change the amount of data on your Hard Drive by 700mb; you could achieve this by installing or uninstalling another game, downloading or deleting demos or copying porn mp3’s to your drive.

Alternatively, you could play the game on an Xbox 360 – and not be bothered by expansive installs. Or you could just play inFamous.

Source : Activision

[Ed] See this is proof that installs are evil… evil I tell you

Last Updated: June 11, 2009

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Geoffrey Tim

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  • janrik

    Or install it on the xbox, but only if you want to. 😆

  • darthdad

    I would recommend installing it on the Xbox, especially if you want to hear the game! 😆

  • janrik

    LOL. Yeah have 5.1 so the 360 jet engine does not bother me.

    I load to HDD anyway to cut load times over all.

  • I never notice the sound from the 360, although I do remember times when it sounded like it was entering light speed.

  • sNaKeZA

    Ok seriously, this is bugging the hell out of me. What kind of person actually gets annoyed by the “noise” the 360 makes?? I *always* hear people moan about this and I never hear it once my games get going and I don’t exactly have the best sound setup around. Honestly, the things people find to complain about!!


  • Before the actually install, there was a patch download. The install then went through flawlessly. So I think they released the patch to fix this bug

  • darthdad


  • eXp

    Often my GF will fall asleep and, being the owl I am, I’ll play some games late into the night.

    Do you have ANY idea how loud an Xbox 360 is when you’re trying to be quiet? It’s honestly unacceptable.

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