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PS Move controllers to cost R600 ($60) each?

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Gamestop has posted up some pre-order pricing for the upcoming PlayStation Move and as expected we are going to be forking out a fair amount for each controller.

With pre-order pricing of $60 (R600) each we are going to be expected to pay R2400 for 2 players to have 2 controllers each. This is ignoring the fact that we will most probably need some of those sub controllers as well.

While Sony has the most accurate and arguably the most technically impressive hardware I just cannot see them winning the motion controller wars with this sort of price point.

Project Natal is expected to retail for between R500 and R1000 and that is the full and final investment that is required for multiple people to enjoy the motion control experience, for 2 players to fully enjoy the PS Move experience you are going to need 4 Playstation Move controllers and 2 sub controllers which will add up to around R3000…

That’s just to much.

What is also interesting is that Gamestop has slapped a 1st of September release date on the controller, that’s a month earlier than we expected.

Source: Engadget

Last Updated: May 12, 2010

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