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PS Move was a failure.. but they’re still flogging it

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So how many die hard Sony fans do we have in the house today? A couple of hundred at a guess.. well how many of you think the PS Move is still a great addition to the PS3.

Everyone who said yes now are liars, it’s junk and even Sony are admitting that now. That’s not to say the tech behind it is junk, it’s pretty incredible how accurate it can be and how it can keep up with quick movements.. but there hasn’t been a single good application for the PS Move since it was released.

The Sony UK VP has put it in a nicer more PR friendly way though

What I’m thinking is that it’s better suited towards the casual market, certainly, but we also are pretty clear that we could have done a better job on the titles we’ve had and we’ve brought to market for the PlayStation Move. As you’ve said, great tech, probably not so great applications so far. So there’s a job for us to do on the strength of games, and having seen what’s forthcoming gives me great hope that we can do a better job with Move as we look forward. So we’re certainly not forgetting about it

So casual market like the Nintendo Wii’s market? Except that there are no great games, even for kids, that use the PS Move on the PS3.

The Wii dominated because of it’s simplistic games and then more in depth experiences that every gamer on this planet should attempt. Things like Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Bros Wii and even Red Steel 2 showed off some of the more indepth abilities of the Nintendo.

The PS Move was a blatant copy of the Wiimote and a technically far superior product but Sony forgot about the most important things, games.

Microsoft is also at fault in this way with the Kinect but the difference there is that they have some quality Kinect titles in the form of Kinectimals, Your Shape Fitness Evolved and .. and… okay so they have 2.

So do you think the Sony VP is wrong and that I’m completely wrong? Is the Move a quality device that has a real use in this gaming world or can we take it out back quickly and put it out of my misery?

Last Updated: March 12, 2012

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