PS Plus subscriptions triple since PS4 launch

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We have sung the praises of PS Plus for a long time, now. We rave about the fantastic games each month, and the great value for money. Sure, PS4 requires PS Plus if you want to play with others, but that can’t be the only factor driving sales, can it?

According to this tweet coming out of the launch of the PS Vita Slim yesterday, PS Plus has shown enormous growth in the last few months:


You know what I love about PS Plus? Even though I don’t yet have a PS4, I can claim the free games against my account. This means that when I eventually get my new console, I can jam Don’t Starve and Resogun like Geoff and Darryn. There are so many great, free games on PS4, PS3 and PSVita. In reality, you could probably get away with never buying a single game and just living off of the free ones each month. This is part of what makes getting a PSVita so appealing to me as well – I’m already getting free games for it, I might as well have the device to play them. Perhaps this is why subscriptions have grown – people may not have thought it worthwhile when they were only getting games for PS3, but now they can get free games on a variety of platforms.

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Sony seems to be doing very well with this launch. Their console keeps selling, their subscriptions are climbing, and their tech is getting better feedback than Microsoft’s It’s still early days, but so far they seem to be coming out ahead in this generation. Of course, it is far too soon to tell.

Last Updated: January 31, 2014

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