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PS Vita digital games will be cheaper than retail

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Sony learned a hard lesson with the PSP Go and that is that the world, and retailers, aren’t ready for an entirely digital future.

However that doesn’t mean the idea is a complete bust and it looks like Sony has learned another valuable lesson from the PSP Go, people despise paying full price for a digital download, there is no manufacturing process and therefore we should be seeing a discount.

Thankfully this lesson has stuck and it has now been confirmed that PS Vita games downloaded in Japan and America will all include a 10% discount over their retail versions.

You will also receive this same 10% discount if you purchase a PS Vita code from a retailer so retailers aren’t being shut out this time.

All in all it’s a good move by Sony and one that I’m sure will also exist in Europe and locally upon launch, is it enough to make the PS Vita a valid candidate to replace my iPhone as my gaming platform of choice?

No.. that will only happen if the games make it worthwhile.

Last Updated: February 1, 2012

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