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PS Vita sales are in the toilet

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I’m not a fan of the PS Vita, I think it’s overpriced and not really required in the industry at the moment so it doesn’t shock me at all that its sales are incredibly poor at the moment even in its native Japan.

According to the latest sales figures coming out of Japan the PS Vita has only managed to sell just under 800 000 units in Japan over the last 6 months and even more worrying is that it’s total sales still have not overtaken the Xbox 360 which has done notoriously badly in Japan.

In comparison the Nintendo 3DS, which also didn’t get off to a great start, has now passed the 6.5 million mark and is currently outselling the PS Vita at a rate of 5:1 in Japan.

For its part Sony has claimed the sales are on track compared to their internal expectations but that’s either a flat out lie or they expected the PS Vita to be a flop.

If Sony expect the PS Vita to succeed they are going to have to drop its price and bring out some killer titles and they are going to need to do it before the end of this year. They may be hoping for a PS3 styled resurgence in its second or third year but with the plethora of handhelds that can play games at the moment I’m not sure that’s going to happen.

Last Updated: July 19, 2012

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