PS1 and PS2 emulation reportedly in the works for PS4

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Final Fantasy VIII

Sometimes, you just want to head back into the past and play a game that didn’t have a million dollar marketing push attached to it, or was a fine example of back in the day when studios would take a gamble on weird ideas. Those days are dead. But the PlayStation 4 on the other hand, might just be ready to administer the kiss of life to your retro memories.

Sony’s PlayStation Now streaming capabilities currently has plenty of PlayStation 3 games coming in the pipeline. But according to a source who spoke to Eurogamer, PS1 and PS2 games will be emulated with a separate system, allowing people to dust off those old games in their collection and throw them into the console.

Something that will no doubt please the bandwidth disadvantaged. While later, less phat versions of the PlayStation 3 console essentially phased out backwards compatibility, the PlayStation 4 has a similar codebase that could be used to house emulator programs, something that Sony is seriously considering.

Even more positive, is the news that these games could get a slight bump in the HD department, making those jagged textures from yesteryear that much more appealing, and far better than the PS3 efforts on older games that were eventually ported over.

In short, there could be plenty of HD remastered versions of games coming to the console through second-hand, digital and re-release collections. Even though I’ve moved on from many, many of those old games, there’s still a bunch of PS1 and PS2 classics that I missed out on. And I’d be pretty damn happy if I could get a second chance to play them again, especially if its had a bit of spit and polish applied to it. 

Last Updated: January 29, 2014

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