PS3 "Already Making Comeback"

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Howard Stringer, Sony Chairman, has been telling the Sony shareholders today that the PS3 is already making a comeback.

Now that they have solved the production problems that is… Personally I remember the PS3 problems being lack of games and an exceptionally high price. Not production problems.

 To add some weight to his claims however it was announced today that over 380 games are planned for this fiscal year for the PS3.

That would include 200 retail games and 180 downloadable games before March 2008.

I’m not sure they have a hope in hell of releasing 380 games in 10 months since they have only managed 60 retail and 50 downloadable in the last 9 months, but I like the attempt….

Either way though, games are games and that is what the PS3 is currently sadly lacking.

Link to Stringer Says PS3 “Already Making Comeback” : Next Generation – Interactive Entertainment Today, Video Game and Industry News

Last Updated: June 22, 2007

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