PS3 and Xbox 360 game sales on sharp decline

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Whenever there’s a new generation of consoles. there’s always a transitional period, where developers and publishers keep supporting the older consoles, thanks to the much larger install base. That and the fact that people still buy tons of games on older platforms. The transition, this time, might be a little shorter though; people aren’t buying many games on last gen systems. 

According to gaming retail giant Gamestop, they’ve seen "greater than expected" declines in sales of games for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Is it because  people are buying next gen games in droves?

The new consoles have, quite obviously, driven  a 99.8 per cent increase in new hardware sales compared to the previous year (in which no new consoles were released), but software sales on those platforms weren’t enough to offset lower sales on the older platforms.

According to Gamestop, sales results for the nine-week holiday period ended January 4, 2014, software sales overall were 22.5 per cent down on the previous year. People aren’t buying PS3 and Xbox 360 games,and there aren’t enough games for the new systems, or people to buy them to make up the deficit.

It could mean we have a much shorter transition between the last gen and this new one. Console gamers have probably become quite tired of sub-HD jaggy graphics with no anti-aliasing and are just waiting for the right time (ie: the right games to come along) to jump in to the next gen.

What games would get you to grab a new console?

Last Updated: January 15, 2014

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