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PS3 Borderlands Has Huge Multiplayer Issues – Gearbox Saves The Day

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News that you never want to hear right before the release of a game you want, is that the game is already suffering from terrible issues.

This would have been the case for us South African Playstation 3 owners but is no longer. Earlier this week complaints started pouring in saying that one of the main elements of Borderlands, co-op play, wasn’t working over PSN. Friends couldn’t see other friends games and joining public games would take up to half an hour to find.

Gearbox soon announced that they are going to have the problems sorted ASAP.

Scary thing is, they did because it’s already fixed and what makes it even better is that no update is required on the players side. This makes me believe that all Gearbox did was go to their servers to pause a couple of the porn downloads.

“We are very pleased to report that using PSN friends lists with the game should now work properly for all PS3 customers. The fix has been released invisibly and should work automatically for all PSN users on the PS3 platform,”

Either way, it’s fine! Which means all of you have no worries, everything is working fine and your planned weekend of nothing but Borderlands is still on track.

Source: Joystiq

Last Updated: October 22, 2009

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