PS3 Easy to develop for?

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 So with all the previous reports stating that the PS3 was a nightmare to develop for it looks like things might be changing.

The guys who are making LittleBigPlanet have come out and said that it is a great machine to code for.

We had soft body physics and things like that running early on because we got lots of other smaller things sorted out or decided before hand – and even with all that in place there’s still loads more headroom. The PS3 has this insane quantity of power, which seems to take a cloth simulator, and then lots more you want to throw at it. It’s just a really enjoyable machine to code for.

What is a cloth simulator? Anyway one of the other developers did warn you not to bring legacy code to the system as it will make your life a nightmare. This is good though as we don’t want legacy games we want cutting edge, next-gen, eye popping games…. Good news for all.

Source: Game | Life – Wired News

Last Updated: April 11, 2007

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