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PS3 Games Start Shipping with Jailbreak-breaking Firmware

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Right now, the piracy and backup-enabling PS3 Jailbreak requires firmware 3.41 to be loaded on the PS3. Sony summarily released a new firmware, 3.42 that killed the exploit. Cheap pirates though opted to stay on the earlier firmware, losing PSN connectivity.

Now their options have been lessened even more.

Looks like new games will be shipping with the new firmware, rendering the Jailbreak useless. EA’s upcoming Medal of Honor has been confirmed to ship with, and require firmware 3.42. Attempts to circumvent the firmware requirement have thankfully proven fruitless, making it seem like Sony’s winning the cat and mouse game at the moment. Those who’ve tried have been greeted with a “80010019″ error message.

It’s pretty inevitable that all anticipated games from now on – Black Ops, GT5 and the like – will include similar protection, making PS3 Jailbreaker’s days of wanton thievery numbered.

Source : Exophase

Last Updated: October 7, 2010

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