PS3 Jailbreak Exploit Released Online

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Industrious hackers found a way to “open” up the PS3, a USB-based dongle that allows for loading of homebrew, as well as backups of games. They then tried to sell the bastard device for far too much money.

More industrious hackers took that already dubious dongle, extracted its code and released it online, as open-source code – called PSGroove. This means anyone with an internet connection, a compatible programmable USB microcontroller and 5 spare minutes can pop their PS3’s hood. The good thing is that, for now at least, PSGroove doesn’t support playing of backups, only homebrew.

Of course, this makes Sony’s injunction against the sale of PSJailbreak pretty much hollow – with the code online, and USB controllers selling for a quarter of the price of the official jailbreak, these things are going to start popping up everywhere. According to those in the know though, the chances of getting banned from PSN for using this and similar devices is exceptionally high.

It’s unfortunate that this will eventually be primarily used for piracy, as homebrew can be pretty awesome, as anybody running XBMC on the old Xbox would attest.

We’re not going to link to files or tell you how to go about loading this exploit , but you all know how the internet works. Fair warning though; you will get banned.

Last Updated: September 2, 2010

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