PS3 Marketing Deemed False

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The ASA has declared that a PS3 advertisement that was being displayed on the CNA website is in fact false advertising.

The complaint was lodged by 4 hardcore Xbox 360 gamers (S McDonald, Craig Nicholson, Gareth Seiler and L Goller) against CNA and SK Games.

The base of the complaint was on the following two lines

The PS3 is built on the revolutionary cell-processor, which is 8 times more powerful than most computers.”


RSX Graphics Technology – twice as powerful as the most advanced graphics engine available today

Ster Kinekor and CNA where unable to validate these claims and after reviewing all the information ASA ruled that these claims are invalid and must be removed.

It looks like Ster Kinekor is not ready for competition this time around and will now need to be more careful about what they say when they advertise the PS3.

Why was this complaint not lodged by Microsoft themselves though, they shouldn’t be relying on consumers to lodge advertising complaints.

You can download the full ruling here.

Last Updated: March 26, 2007

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