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PS3 Numbers and Release Details

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Whilst SK are refusing to hand out information on how many PS3’s are going to hit the SA market, Shannon from BT Games has given some insider information to IT Web.

She states that only 5000 units have been brought into SA for the release and off that BT Games has been allocated 322 (400 previously) units.

Look & Listen has had some miserly pre-orders of only 90 nationwide but BT Games has had to close pre-orders so that they can still sell some tonight. Shannon has also stated the pre-orders for the PS3 has easily beaten the pre-orders they received for the Xbox.

David Hadassin (SK CEO Games) has claimed some resellers, such as Macro, has sold it’s entire allocation already.

However the midnight release tonight is turning into quite a low key affair with only BT Games, CNA and Look&Listen staging midnight sales.

BT Games is having quite a party where if you dress up as your favourite PlayStation gaming character you will stand in line to win a PS3. You can also test your skills in F1 and possibly win R1000… Chere here for more details

The PS3 is retailing for R6299 and the games are going to set you back between R450 – R650 each. So who is getting one?

[Update] It seems like AnimeWorx in Brightwater Commons is also having a midnight launch….

Last Updated: March 22, 2007

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