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PS3 Owners: Bigger fight fans

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According to the latest readings on VGChartz, the PS3 version of the recently released Mortal Kombat has a statistically higher fan base in comparison to that of the 360 owners. The numbers not only suggest a difference of 111.813 units between the two consoles, but also a strong possibility that PS3 owners are bigger fans of the fighting genre than that of their 360 counterparts.

The most logical explanation to the slightly higher sales for the PS3 would have to be the fact that the platform boasts an additional character in the form of Kratos from God of War, making the decision for multiple platform owners rather obvious in most cases. Additionally PS3 owners had a “taste of things to come” with a demo, which 360 owners never saw. That being said, it seems somewhat understandable that 360 sales are lagging behind a bit.

While that might explain why Mortal Kombat sales for the PS3 are higher, it does not debunk the idea that PS3 owners are bigger fight fans. If VGChartz’ global estimations are anything to go by the PS3 has significantly higher unit consumption regarding games like Super Street Fighter IV, Tekken 6 and Mortal Kombat vs DC.

PS3 owners clearly love a good fight, and to be perfectly honest this explains a lot (LOL). We are gaining ground on the PS3 fanboy psyche every day.

Source: MSXboxWorld, VGCartz

Last Updated: May 5, 2011

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