PS3 price drop coming on the 18th of August?

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According to we can expect the PS3 Slim and a new shiny PS3 price to be announced at Gamescom on the 18th of August.

For those who aren’t aware, Gamescom has taken over from Leipzig this year and is now the biggest gaming convention in regards to pure numbers on the planet. I couldn’t think of a better place for Sony to announce a latest price cut seeing as the Wii has Japan (and everywhere else) all sewn up while Microsoft has a very solid base in America.

The expected price for the PS3 Slim is 299 Euro’s which is 50 Euro’s less than the Europeans currently have to fork out for a PS3.

Now I am all for a cheaper PS3 but I am not convinced that 50 Euro’s is enough of a drop to really change the course of the current generation, the Xbox 360 Pro is currently 240 Euro’s and the Elite 290.

If they can get the PS3 down to 250 or 270 I would expect a huge surge in sales especially since according to Sony CEO, Nobuyuki Oneda, the cost of manufacturing a PS3 has dropped by 70% since it’s launch. Which by Eurogamers calculations means the PS3 cost around 170 Euros or $240 or R1863… I’d buy 5 at that price.

As yet nothing is confirmed so stay tuned.

Source: Jeuxvideo

Last Updated: August 3, 2009

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