PS3 price drop confirmed; 40GB pack revealed

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So some big news coming out of Sony in the last couple of hours. Firstly the 60Gb PS3 has received a price drop and will now be 75 pounds cheaper than before… About R1000 hopefully for us (R5400).

Then if that isn’t good enough they have now announced a 40GB PS3 which will retail for the same price as the Xbox 360 Elite (R4400). However the 40GB model is not quite a fully functional as the 60GB. They have removed 2 USB ports, the memory card reader and ALL backwards compatibility. While I agree with there not being that much use for the backwards compatibility I can see a lot of disgruntled PS2 owners upgrading unless Sony advertises this properly.

So in the life cycles of the PS3 we have now seen a 20GB model, a 40GB, a 60GB and a 80GB…. anyone want to place bets on when we get to see the next model?

If you said instantly you may be right. Comnetslash is reporting that a 160GB model is being manufactured for Japan as we speak. However I wouldn’t put much hope in a 160GB, dual HDMI, triple ethernet port PS3 just yet.

So who is going to be picking up a 40GB unit? I can say it is the most attractive proposal that Sony has made yet and could well be the model that wins this Christmas rush. I wonder if how Microsoft are going to counter this?

PS3 price drop confirmed; 40GB pack revealed –

Last Updated: October 6, 2007

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