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PS3 Sells More Games To A Smaller Market

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Yesterday, we reported that Ubisoft was showing greater sales on the PS3 than the Xbox 360. Granted, the information was only for the United States.

Today, According to the latest sales reports from Namco Bandai, Konami, Ubisoft and EA, the Playstation 3 is actually selling more titles than the Xbox 360 despite having a smaller install base.

While the PS3 has been playing the catch up game to the Xbox 360 for quite some time since its later launch, it looks as if it’s time is nigh. With Microsoft pushing the new 360 price drops as well as the releases of Fable 2 and the mighty Gears of War 2, one must wonder whether the PS3 will be able to keep up with LBP, Resistance 2 and Killzone 2 but a significantly higher price still.

The truth will only really come out after the Christmas rush is over and to be honest, I have no idea who is going to be out in front when all is said and done.

We will keep our eye on the stats and see how Christmas plays out.

source: Blorge

Last Updated: October 28, 2008

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