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PS3 sneaking up on the 17 million mark

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Sony has recently released some new figures which make for some interesting reading. I have attempted to pick the most interesting ones below but I am sure the more financial minded people amongst us can spot the real important ones in their report here.

So onto the figures that I understand

  1. 16.84 million PS3 sold in total (2.43 this quarter)
  2. Outsold the 360 for Q2 this year
  3. Losses down from -GBP624 million to -GBP255 million
  4. PS2 outsold the PS3 by 70k in this Quarter
  5. PSP outsold them both with 3.18 million units

So Sony are still losing money but far less than they were before, even though the thought of losing a quarter of a billion pounds wants to make me throw up…

All signs are pointing towards a massive PS3 recovery and with a price cut still in their armoury you have to start feeling that Sony is starting to look like it is in a good position right now.

However all of these recent figures are based on the period before the 360 price cut, if Sony wait to long they may miss their opportunity to get ahead.

Nintendo are officially miles ahead.

Last Updated: October 30, 2008

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